Kol Eliezer Minyan

A warm and welcoming atmosphere where anyone can come in and have a personal connection to the Rabbi and Rabanit. Traditional prayer services daily & on Shabbat and Holidays in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Shabbat and Holiday Hospitality

Delicious meals, stimulating conversation and a place to enjoy the holy days.

Ongoing Classes

Stimulating, inspiring and educational Judaism

  • Monday Night Hangout, Ask The Rabbi
  • Wednesday Parsha Class
  • Thursday Challah Baking
  • Basic Hebrew Reading, Bar & Bat Mitzvah Club

Kindness Project

Every month at iCare center volunteers come and join in helping pack the gift bags. Every gift bag is uniquely filled with items that will benefit the participant for that month. The gift bags are packed with thought full items and a personal letter, Then the bags are personally hand delivered by the volunteers to the participants. In addition to the wonderful gift bag the participant also get to benefit from the company of the volunteer.

We provide for many needy and underserved groups: Seniors, Veterans, Homeless, Disabled, Blind, Special Needs, Cancer Patients,

Care to Share Project

Providing weekly Shabbat and Yom Tov meals for families struggling with financial difficulties. Financial assistant for families going through difficult time, (Rent, LADWP bill, School Tuition) 

Clothing Gemach

Donations and coorindation collections of clothes and household goods for the needy.