Volunteers wanted to make a difference!

This is a great way to give back to the community and earn community service hours and make a difference. Please join us as we together find way to make our community a more loving place.

You can start your own project and iCare will help you make it into reality, or you can join what we already have:

  • Mother’s helper
    • Helping newly moms and mothers with her children by giving an extra hand.
    • Tutoring children or helping them with home work or sport.
  • Seniors Visitor
    • To help decrease their social isolation, and make the senior feel more productive, and decrease their depressed mood. To play games, socialize and take walks if the senior is capable.
  • Patients visitor
    • Visiting adults & young children at hospitals
  • Assisting and running different community projects.
    • Open Closet: help collect cloths and donate it
    • Raising funds for families in need
  • c. Shabbat food basket
  • d. Help with planning and organizing events
  • e. Providing different kind of services for the community; Such as making information kit, helpful phone numbers, referral booklet and more.